About Art

Guerrilla Gigs was founded by San Salvador aka Spectral Species to proliferate artistic and musical freedom and expression in photographic and digital art forms inspired by nature, humanity and technology


All About Art

Guerrilla Gigs was founded to foster guerrilla events and visual art expo's, to proliferate our right to express music, photography and other (digital) arts as freedom to be creative; offering defence against gentrification and regulatory pressures with the aim to limit or degrade social cohesiveness and creativity in our beautiful and creative city.

Guerrilla Gigs, Guerrilla Records and Guerrilla Arts provide an inspirational, interactive podium for creatives through our organization and partner network to put their talents on display and to further their artistic skills, as well as offering a safe space for all people to discover creatively and simply be amd enjoy themselves freely.

Guerrilla is a gigs dynamic and forward-thinking talent, event management and art exposition agency, rejecting the status quo. Our eclectic, non-conformist artists perform in non-traditional settings and in unusual fashions. Our universal musical language functions amalgamates, One Love.

Feel the vibe, join the tribe of Guerrilla Warriors for fun, free, fantasy festivities.

People, Planet, Party!

Our DJs

Meet our finest local selectors of eclectic and ecstatic vibes


San Salvador

Creative Director

Set yourself free with a mix of Space Disco, Psy Trance and Indie.


Sean d'Or

Smooth Selector

From Afro Funk to full on golden age underground records.



Hero of House

His house is your house, that's what's in store, say no more.


Sunny Kroket

Dazzling Duo

Relive the 80's with bold Italo beats and sizzling synth sounds.


Rebel Alliance

Progressive Partners

From rolling progressive house beats to pure psy train, no pain no gain.


Boiler Room

Creative Director

Deeper boiling Progressive and timeless Minimal Techno.